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American Art Therapy Association
This site has lots of fact sheets and maintains a resource
listing of state chapters.



American Music Therapy Association
There are lots of faq sheets and list of contacts by region.

Choosing A Music Teacher
Good faq sheet on choosing a teacher that fits your needs.

(commercial site) This is an early childhood music & movement
program that is offered from time to time at some of our local
preschool & kindergarten programs (there is an online classroom
locator) They also sell other musical products.

MTNA - Music Teachers National Association
Site has some faq sheets & a searchable directory of
music teachers.

Music Therapy & Language For The Autistic Child
Online paper with a focus on the beneficial use of music therapy
with autistic children

Prelude to Music Therapy
There are many good faq sheets here - including information about
getting music therapy in a child's IEP

Research On Music & The Developing Brain & More
Huge listing of research papers about the effects of music on the brain.






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