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ADD - Administration on Developmental Disabilities

An Embryological Origin for Autism\

Autism Could Have Bacterial Connection (AMA)

Autism and the Immune System

Autism - Genetic Research @ New England Medical Center

Autism May Be Caused by An Immune Response to A Virus

Autism Research at the University of Rochester

Autism Research Monographs of Teresa Binstock

Autism Treatments: Anti-fungal Treatments

Autoimmunity: The Female Connection

Aventis Behring

Beyond Autism

CCID - Clinical Conditions Involved in Stealth Virus Infections

CHDD - Center on Human Development & Disability

Department of Neurology  (Washington Univ. at  St. Louis)

Electronic Journals and Periodicals in Psychology and Related Fields

4 Brain Chemicals in Babies May Foretell Autism and Retardation

Highlights from Presentation at Biological Treatments 
of  Autism & PDD Conference

Increased alkaline phosphatase isoforms in autoimmune diseases

Links To Online Journals

Kerstin Dautenhahn's Publications

Links to the Genetic World: 2


The National Academies

NCBI - National Center for Bio-technology Information


NIMC - National Integrative Medicine Council

National Mental Health & Education Center

NEC Research Institute, Inc.

Neurosciences on the Internet

The NOAH Project

NORD - National Organization for Rare Diseases

NeuroImmune Dr.

NIDS - NeuroImmune Dysfunction Syndromes

A Pathogen-Autoimmune Hypothesis for Autism


Rheumatologic Diseases

Repligen (Secretin)

Research On BioMedical Interventions

Science-Week Focus Report





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