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(Ambient Filters,  Irlen Lenses, &  Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome)


Asperger Syndrome
Online paper discussing various sensitivities (including light sensitivity)
affecting individuals with disabilities (including autistic spectrum disorders)
Helpful tips & suggestions offered as well.

AVA - Applied Vision Association Vision Links
Organization with a focus on vision research of all sorts; they have
links to journals, articles, organisations, & more


The Center for Vision Management


Irlen Institute
Site includes faq sheets, research papers, & articles; they also
have a contact list with providers listed worldwide.

Irlen | Special Education & Disability StudiesI

Vision Therapy: A Beneficial Intervention for Developmental Disabilities
Online paper about vision development skills.

Visual Efficiency Skills Curricula & Resources
Page has a list of research abstracts. This site has a wealth of
information if you have the time to explore.

All About Vision Therapy
Online paper discussing the use of vision therapy in children. 
They also have many, many more papers.

Autism & Irlen Syndrome  (collection of articles)






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