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F.E.A.T. - Chattanooga

Volume II, Issue 7               NEWSLETTER                December 2000

Upcoming Meetings

FEAT Family Holiday Party

Date:   December 12, 2000
Regular Meeting

Date: January 9, 2001
Guest Speaker: To Be Announced

February 13, 2001
Guest Speaker: To Be Announced

Target Christmas Tree Giveaway

 The  Target Store in Hixson has again donated a Christmas Tree to benefit F.E.A.T.- Chattanooga.  The 9 foot artificial pine tree, lights and ornaments have a retail value of over $1,000 and  is on display at the Northgate location of Target.  As a fundraising event, FEAT is giving away the tree for a $5.00 donation to F.E.A.T. – Chattanooga.

        See enclosed memo and tickets and photograph of the tree.  During the past two years, FEAT members have raised over $1,500 with this fundraising event.  Money and ticket stubs from tickets you sell are due by December 20.  Please mail them to the FEAT - PO Box listed above.  The winner of the Christmas Tree, including all the decorations, will be selected on Thursday, December 21st


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On Friday, December 8th F.E.A.T. of Chattanooga will celebrate the holidays with a FEAT Family Holiday get-together. This gathering for the entire family will occur at Bayside Baptist Church on Highway 58 North from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm. This location has worked very well in the past years because each “step” of the party takes place in several different rooms in order to help alleviate over-stimulation for our children. There will be pictures with Santa, holiday videos and music, crafts, gifts, cards and ornaments for the kids to make. Bring your holiday food and any serving pieces needed. The whole family is invited.

Friday, December 8, 2000
Bayside Baptist Church
Highway 58 North
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
call 296-0092 for more information
or email us at

Welcome Packet Updating

A committee has formed and has begun work on updating the Welcome Packet we provide families and professionals regarding children with autism. These packets become an instatnt resource for families who have children recently diagnosed and professionals who want to learn more about autism. You can still join the committee and contribute to the welcome packet by calling the FEAT phone number at 296-0092.