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F.E.A.T. - Chattanooga

PO Box 23731, Chattanooga, TN 37422
(423) 296-0092
February 2000
Volume II, Issue 2 
opinions expressed in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect the opinions of FEAT-Chattanooga

         Upcoming  Meetings   OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE LUNCHEON

  February 8, 2000 -
  Guest Speaker:   Open Discussion

  March 14, 2000 -
  Guest Speaker:  to be announced

  April 11, 2000 -
  Guest  Speaker:  to be announced

Meeting Time and Place

Second Tuesday of Each Month

6:30 pm Room 140

Massoud Pediatric Building

T. C. Thompson Children's Hospital


      Childcare for FEAT Meetings

 In an effort to ensure that more parents can attend our FEAT-Chattanooga monthly meetings, Teresa Bruns (Occupational Therapist and FEAT Board member) has generously recruited some of her UTC students majoring in Occupational Therapy to help provide childcare during our meetings.

If you would like to utilize this free assistance, prior to the meeting, bring your child and their necessary items (diapers, juice, books, etc.) to the Children's Therapy Services room on the first floor of the Massoud Pediatric Building. (The first door on your right as you enter from the Erlanger parking garage level 1).
We will post
signs for your assistance.

If you have any questions, please call the FEAT number at 296-0092 and leave a message and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.



   Plans for the Outback Steakhouse Luncheon
   fundraiser are well underway. This luncheon has
   become the main fund raising event for F.E.A.T. -
  Chattanooga and below is information on ways you
participate and help.

 1. Recruit a sponsor
     Included in this newsletter mailing
is a blank  
     sponsorship proposal that you can copy
and send to
     individuals or businesses that you think
might support
     our efforts.  Make sure that
you have sponsorship
     funds, camera ready logos and
the appropriate
     paperwork completed by April 25,
     Please notify us as soon as you sell a
sponsorship by
     calling the -FEAT phone number at

 2. Sell Tickets to the Luncheon.
     Tickets will be $10
again this year and includes a
     luncheon buffet of
sirloin beef strips, chicken strips,
     ribs, Caesar salad,
bread, dessert soda & tea.
     Alcohol extra. Tickets
will be available at the March
     meeting and any left over tickets and all monies are
    due back at the April meeting. .

 3. Picture Display.
    You can provide an 8 x 10 photo of
your child for a
    display at the front of the restaurant.
This display was
    very popular last year.

 4. Placemat Artwork
     Part of last year's memorable
attributes were the
     placemats colored by our children.
These placemats
     will be distributed at the March
meeting and due back
     by the April meeting.

 5. Autism Awareness Month - Mass Mailing-.
     You can
help prepare a mass mailing for Autism
Month in April. Details will be presented
     at the
March meeting. Volunteers will be needed to
stuff the mailing and prepare it for the post office
     sometime during mid-March.

 Thanks for all your help regarding this important project
  for our organization.

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