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A's Story       


My husband and I have been raising our grandson since he was two days 
old.  He is the joy of our life. A. will be 5 years old on Feb 22 and life has 
been very interesting through the years. He was not diagnosed until he was 
3 years old.

I can remember the first time I changed his diaper how he screamed.  He 
acted like it hurt him. He did this with every diaper change.  When he was 
 6  months old I started feeding him baby food.   I would start out with a 
vegetable and try to end with a fruit. He would scream when I changed from 
one to the other. He liked them both but did not want me changing the taste 
on him.

When he was 20 months old he started lining up his cars and stuff. This is 
when I first suspected he had autism.  He never talked until he was 2.6 
you but he could tell you every letter in the alphabet.   We started Speech 
Therapy when he was 2 years old.   When he  turned 3 years old his speech 
started emerging  and he  is  very  verbal now.  I have to laugh every time 
I think about the time he learned the difference between the words big 
and little. We were at Walmart and he pointed at a very large lady and said 
"that's a big one".

He still tries to do this sometimes. We have to be very careful about what 
he hears and who he plays with.  He will imitate other kids behaviors  and 
repeat words that they say.   Right now we are trying to replace the word 
"stupid" with the word "silly".   He picked this up from the movie Charlie 

Our biggest battle right now is trying to find ways to help him with man-
aging his anger. He gets mad and he wants to hit. There is a lot of humor
in the way A. reacts to things and say's things. We have our bad days but
on most days we find we laugh a lot and learn a lot together.  





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