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A Tribute to my Son:
Father of C: {PDDNOS}

I thank God for you C. I do not know what the future holds for you, but I will always remember these pleasant years with you. Only four years old you are years beyond 
in life.

Because I am the first thing you look for before any toy or tv when you get off 
the bus. I don't mind when you eat all the marshmallows from the cereal.

Because you cling to me for at least a half hour and sit on my lap and smile and 
kiss me when I get home from work.

I just smiled when you pulled your pants down in church service.

Because you always have to sit by me in the car and always have to get out my 
side despite your mother's pleadings.

I won't say anything the next time you stand up and scream in someone's ear 
at a restaurant.

Heck I didn't complain when you took the screwdriver and poked holes all over 
my freshly painted walls did I? Because I knew you were just trying to work like 
you had seen me do earlier with the screwdriver.

To others you are screaming, but I know you are trying to sing. Some hear you 
having a tantrum but I know you are pretending to be the Lion King protecting 
your kingdom from the dreaded scar.

Because you run your mom all over Walmart thinking it fun for her to chase you 
but walk right beside me and never leave.

I don't mind stopping in the middle of work and seeing a gallon of milk and glass 
sitting on my lap waiting for me to pour. I wish you would drink a hundred glasses 
a day just so I could get it for you.

Because You have to sleep right between your Mom and Me and occasionally give 
her a hug but have to sleep closer to me. And because you have to copy my every 

I don't care if all my tools are somewhere in the back yard. You can play with them 
all you want.

I won't even say anything the next time we leave you with your sister and you see 
your mom and I leaving and jump through the screen window to go with us.

And because your mom couldn't potty train you and was frustrated and all I had to 
say was "uh oh" and look hurt you was trained in two weeks.

I will let you line up all the vegetable cans from the cupboards every night if you want.           

You see C. I welcome these things you do because I know you do them not from frustration and anger as some would say. I know you play in a different way. You 
sing in a different way. You love in a deeper way. Although I hope you one day say intelligible words. I pray you never lose your wonderful spirit. You are my prize. 
You are what makes a boring day worth coming home to, knowing that you will be 
there waiting for my arrival with a big smile and twinkling eyes. You are more alive 
than the world around you.






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