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D.'s Story

Okay.. who said potty training is hard work??? *sarcastism noted!*
It really isn't in our house!

Here are some things we have learned *a few pointers too!*

     1)   Make sure you have huge supply of foot by the foot
           *that is fruit by the foot for all  of  you adults*

    2)   Make sure you absolutely love the decor in your bathroom, you 
          will be there for a    while! *several times throughout the day, while 
         peeling fruit by the foot off the plastic  for the next 30 minutes as 
         your child repeats the commercial over and over*

  3)   The Power Rangers power hour is definitely not the time to be thinking 
        of toilets, *we found another use for the nesting cups... and they said 
        autistic kids don't have imaginations!*  (by the way, pee doesn't make 
        bubbles even if you dip a bubble wand into it)

  4)   It is *almost* impossible for a 3 1/2 foot tall child to watch the poop 
        leaving the rectum *although it is great fun leaning all the way forward 
        while mommy holds him and we do get to watch it drop! yippy!* (well 
        with all those fruit peeley thingies, the poop is now blue and purple, 
        colors are kewal!!)

  5)   Farts are great fun!  *D's poof sings!*

  6)   Toilet paper is not as soft as wipes *or the cat, the imagination thing 
        again,   I am so proud!*

  7)   Teletubbies don't poop *or go down when we try to flush them*

  8)   Never leave a child unattended in the bathroom *see the following*

  9)   Daddy's toothbrush has many uses *it does go down when we flush it,
        but not all of the way thank God!*

10)  It is too bad mommy took all of the tops off of her perfume bottles
      *we could have gone without learning that perfume tastes really bad!*

11)  Mascara and lip gloss are too hard to open *things that are too hard to 
       open go into the toilet!*

12)  Toothpaste isn't though!  *And if you squeeze the entire tube into the 
        toilet, it FLOATS! how exciting this is!!!*

13)  And it all goes down when we flush!!!  *including the toothpaste tube!)

14)  It is too funny to watch a desperate 27 year old woman standing knee 
       deep in water put her hand down the toilet!   (Especially when she 
       remembers that her phone book didn't flush, but the landlords number 
       is smeared beyond readability!)

15)  It takes exactly 7 towels to mop up 4 inches of water from an 8ft. by 4 ft. 
       bathroom floor. And after 3 days of this, we have not had one accident, 
       the bathroom floor is  very clean, and mommy's doctor says she can have 
       visitors soon! Good luck to everyone that is potty training their autistic kids!        
       Remember the humor *another sarcastic remark if it didn't show!*





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