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Diet Tips from I.'s Mom
(how we deal with diet away from home)


A good friend of ours had her daughter's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's, so 
of course we took the kids. I packed a lunch box full of I.'s food (including a GF/CF 
treat for when the other kids had cake). I don't exclude her from things like birthday parties because of the GF/CF diet.

Foods  that other kids eat is poison to her system.  She can't have it.  There is no discussing it and we will leave if there is any misunderstanding about what she can 
and can't eat. I go to extra lengths to make GF/CF things she enjoys and also include GF/CF cake, cookies, etc. for her. So she is being denied nothing except poison. This 
is my attitude and there has only been a problem once since we started the diet and 
we left. So she knows. Of course she was having such a great time playing she never 
did eat lunch that day! :) !!

I was more worried about her becoming overloaded since it is such a stimulating 
place! I was watching her in the tubes and felt for sure that she had gone into 
sensory overload. I went into the tubes to get her and she was fine!! I couldn't 
believe it! In the past when we would go to stimulating places she would run and 
hide underneath things and have a fit when I tried to get her out of the situation. 
Now since the diet, as soon as I caught up with her and asked if she was okay she 
looked at me and said "yes". She was just having an awesome time!




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