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E.'s Story
Dealing With Haircuts

Our behavioral therapists has begun to make home visits.  E. had turned into 
an absolute angel at our clinic appointments and we were not getting any of 
the behaviors that needed to be worked on (isn't that just like a kid?)

Last week she came and observed and we talked about some things we wanted 
to work on. Yesterday we started on some things that I have an extreme amount 
of difficulty with  toothbrushing and haircuts.  I tell  you  this  therapist is great! 
In no time E.  was tolerating the toothbrush better for her than he ever has for 
me. Now if I can just duplicate this when I am by myself...!

The haircutting was a little  harder.  We started with  just having him sit in the 
chair with the clippers on the table. Then he'd get a break and then back to the 
chair. Each time we moved the clippers a little closer. He went from screaming 
like a maniac from the first attempt to actually walking to the chair and allowing 
me to clip some hair by the end.  We used a timer so he would know when the
 time was up.

My homework now is to leave the clippers out so he can see them, sit him in 
the chair and let him hear the noise and try to get him used to doing this on a 
regular basis.  We both have had  such an aversion to the whole thing,  that I 
haven't cut his hair nearly as often as it should have been. She said a little bit 
cut more often is better. So we are off to the races...



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