Families for Early Autism Treatment

F.E.A.T. of Chattanooga

Families for Early Autism Treatment (F.E.A.T.) organized in 1998 to help families with children who have received the diagnosis of autism or other autistic spectrum disorders including  Pervasive Developmental Disorder  (PDD)  and  Asperger's Syndrome. The  Chattanooga  F.E.A.T.  Chapter is composed of parents and professionals concerned about  the welfare of autistic children. The monthly meetings at  T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital offer support and encouragement by providing information and by giving parents the opportunity to interact with others with similar concerns.


   Our Primary Objectives Are As Follows:

   1.   To provide support, encouragement, and guidance to parents seeking
          treatment for their young autistic children and by providing the opportunity
          for parents to interact with other parents with similar concerns.                 

   2.  To evaluate and compare effectiveness of current treatment approaches and
         make treatment information available to parents.                
   3.  To encourage and endorse a long-term, cost-effective program to help parents
        effectively teach developmental skills.                                  

   4. To maintain and make available a resource library of materials to be used in
        treatment programs for autistic children.                               


F.E.A.T. - Chattanooga meetings are held the
   2nd Tuesday of each month
at 6:30 p.m.
in room 140 of the Massoud Pediatric Building
T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital.    



   To request more information you may also write to us
at the following address:

     P.O. BOX 23731
               Chattanooga, Tennessee 37422
or  give us a call (423) 296-0092
   or send us an email:


Your Name:

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