The Welcome Packet

A Guidebook for Parents and Professionals
Prepared by 
F.E.A.T.  - Chattanooga

This guidebook is for parents and professionals who are concerned 
about autism-spectrum disorders. Although not all encompassing, 
          this guidebook provides general information related to autism.

What is Autism


Is There More Than 
One Type of Autism?


Misconceptions About Autism


Autism and Autism 
Spectrum Disorders


What Causes Autism? 
How is it Diagnosed?


What are the Symptoms?


Is there a Cure for Autism? 
What are the Most Effective Approaches ? 


CHAT- The "Checklist 
for Autism in Toddlers"


Diagnostic criteria for 
Autistic Disorder


Diagnostic criteria for 
Asperger's Disorder


Diagnostic criteria for 
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder



Diagnostic Criteria for 
Rhett's Disorder & 
(PDD) Pervasive 
Developmental Disorder


A Sampling of Treatment 
Approaches Used Currently


Autism Internet Web Sites--
Suggested Reading--Video


Welcome to Holland


The Mountain






References Page 2



References Page 3


                                      With special thanks to Marcile Koenig, PhD., CCC-SLP,
                                     and Gianina Griffin, B.S. for information provided in the booklet
                                    "Intensive Behavioral Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder"
                                    prepared for Brandywine Parents and Professionals for Applied Behavior Analysis.



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A special thanks to
Target Stores  for sponsoring F.E.A.T. of Chattanooga
Our brochures and guidebooks are printed courtesy of Target Stores.
This guidebook  was prepared by F.E.A.T. of Chattanooga
with appreciation  to the Autism Society of America