Why We Have A Website!

So why bother with another website? This began as an attempt at  putting   together an internet packet with useful information for parents of newly diagnosed children. There were so many good resources out here on the internet, but finding exactly what we were looking for was a lot harder than I first realized. An organized site with useful resources was just what we needed. Urls change frequently not to mention all the new sites and information on a continual basis. If this site helps even just one person then I'll know the efforts were worthwhile. Enough of the rambling and on to who we are


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Who We Are

I am telling you this from a first person perspective as this is the best way I know to explain things. We are parents and caregivers of children and individuals on the  autistic spectrum.     As a group we hope to increase awareness. We want to be proactive. We want to make a difference. We want for our children to have a chance.


Why and How We Formed A Support Group

I don't know how common this experience is but when someone first said they thought that my child had   Asperger's Syndrome I was clueless. They went on to explain that it was on the autistic spectrum. I had heard the word autism but was
totally unaware of what it was. I had no idea where to start or what to do. Finally we did get to a Dr. who was familiar with autism. He was given the diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. Luckily she was able to give me some pointers on materials to read and some things that would help.

Next I went to the library and found every book available that seemed useful. I got out my phone book and started calling every agency I could think of looking for anyone and anything that I thought might help. Things seemed pretty hopeless. Most of these people had this stereotypical idea about what autism was or they were just like I had been, clueless.

This same wonderful Dr. who was so knowledgeable discovered that there were many of us in this area. We all got together for a meeting.    The Deals  were the primary force that eventually got the group started. Our membership is growing and we are all striving to help each other and increase awareness.



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